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UNIX Command Reference



ntcmds00000001.gif lex

generate programs for lexical tasks

ntcmds00000001.gif line

read one line

ntcmds00000001.gif link

link and unlink files and directories

ntcmds00000001.gif lint

c program verifier

ntcmds00000001.gif ln

make hard or symbolic links to files

ntcmds00000001.gif locale

get locale-specific information

ntcmds00000001.gif localedef

define locale environment

ntcmds00000001.gif logger

add entries to the system log

ntcmds00000001.gif logname

return user's login name

ntcmds00000001.gif lp

submit print request

ntcmds00000001.gif lpstat

print information about the status of the print service

ntcmds00000001.gif ls

list contents of directory

ntcmds00000001.gif m4

macro processor

ntcmds00000001.gif mail

read mail or send mail to users

ntcmds00000001.gif mailx

interactive message processing system

ntcmds00000001.gif make

make utility to maintain groups of programs

ntcmds00000001.gif man

find and display reference manual pages

ntcmds00000001.gif mesg

permit or deny messages

ntcmds00000001.gif mkdir

make directories

ntcmds00000001.gif mkfifo

make FIFO special file

ntcmds00000001.gif more

browse or page through a text file
ntcmds00000001.gif mount mount or unmount file systems and remote resources

ntcmds00000001.gif mv

move files

ntcmds00000001.gif netstat show network status

ntcmds00000001.gif newgrp

log in to a new group

ntcmds00000001.gif nice

invoke a command with an altered scheduling priority

ntcmds00000001.gif nl

line numbering filter

ntcmds00000001.gif nm

print name list of an object file

ntcmds00000001.gif nohup

run a command immune to hangups

ntcmds00000001.gif od

octal dump

ntcmds00000001.gif pack

obsolete syntax for packer geometry manager

ntcmds00000001.gif paste

merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files

ntcmds00000001.gif patch

apply changes to files

ntcmds00000001.gif pathchk

check path names

ntcmds00000001.gif pax

portable archive interchange

ntcmds00000001.gif pcat

compress and expand files

ntcmds00000001.gif pg

files perusal filter for CRTs

ntcmds00000001.gif pr

print files

ntcmds00000001.gif printf

write formatted output

ntcmds00000001.gif prs

display selected portions of an SCCS history

ntcmds00000001.gif ps

report process status

ntcmds00000001.gif pwd

Return the current working directory

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