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Word Lists

abbr Abbreviations
acr-diag ACR Diagnostic Terms
aeneid Nouns from Aenid
afr_dbf African Words
algae Algae
all-word Large miscellaneous dictionary
allwords Large miscellaneous dictionary
arthur Nouns from Legends of Arthur
asteroid Names of asteroids
bacteria Names of bacteria
biology Biology terms
cartoon Cartoon and comic names
cartoons Names of comic strips
charlema Nouns from Legends of Charlemagne
chars Collections of characters for common keyboard patterns.
chinese Chinese syllables
colleges Oxford colleges
common-p Common passwords
congress Congress Critters
cracklib Cracklib dictionary
crl-name Ctr.Lexicog.Res. names
croatian Croatian words
danish Danish words
dogs Dog related words
drugs Drug-related street terms
dutch Dutch words
english English words
ethnolog Ethnologue terms
fable Nouns from classic myths
famous Famous people
finnish Finnish words
french French words
fungi Fungi
german Common German words
germanl German dictionary
hosts Computer names
hosts-tx Host names
iliad Nouns from the Iliad
inet-mac Host names used more than once
italian Italian words
japanese Japanese words
junk Misc "junk" words
kjbible Words from the King James bible
koran Words from the Koran
latin Latin words
lcarrol Words from Lewis Carrol works
microalg Microalgae
minix Minix /usr/dict
movie-ch Movie characters
movies Movie names
movies2 Movie names, characters
mts MTS dictionary
music-cl Classical music
music-co Country music
music-ja Jazz music
music-ot Other music
music-ro Rock music
music-sh Musical shows
myths-le Words from myths and legends
n_actor2 Actor surnames
n_actors Actor given names
n_anglos Anglo-saxon surnames
n_chines 18th century Chinese names
n_common Common names
n_family Family names
n_fast Fast name dictionary
n_femal2 Female names
n_female Female names
n_finnis Finnish names
n_french French names
n_given Given names
n_given2 Given names
n_hindu Hindu names
n_male Male names
n_male2 Male names
n_mgerma Medieval German names
n_names General collection of names
n_norweg Norwegian names
n_other Other names
n_people Misc people's names
n_stati2 Statisticians' surnames
n_statis Statisticians' given names
n_surna2 Surnames
n_surnam Surnames
n_swed Swedish names
names_hp Names and occurrence counts
norse Norse names
norwegia Norwegian words
numbers Common numbers
odyssey Nouns from the Odyssey
oz Australian words
paradise.los Words from Paradise Lost
phrases Slang, common sayings
places Place names
polish Polish words
python Words from Monty Python
rock-gro Names from a CD catalog
russ_koi Russian words (KOI8)
russian_ Russian words (7-bit)
sf Science fiction words
sg_words IRIX /usr/dict
shakesp- Shakespearean characters
shakespe Words from Shakespeare
sindarin Sindarin words
spanish Spanish words
statisti Words from Current Index of Statistics
swahili Swahili words
swedish Swedish words
tech Words from a technical dictionary
tolkien.wor Words from Tolkien
trek Words from Star Trek
ul_words Ultrix /usr/dict
us-count US counties
usenet-l LoginID's from usenet
usenet-m Machine names from usenet
usenet-n Names from usenet
uunet-si Sites from usenet
viruses Viruses
web2 Webster's dictionary
web2a Webster's dictionary, obscure terms
world_fa Words from the CIA World Fact Book
yiddish Yiddish words
zipcodes Place names for Zipcodes


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