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Ping Tools

icmpquery A small utility for finding out time & netmask through ICMP.
netping netping detects the networks which can be used as amplifiers by a potential attacker in "smurf attack" issue.
PAT Ping sweeper (1200 ips / minute)
pinger-1.0 Ping utility.
SING SING stands for 'Send ICMP Nasty Garbage'. It is a tool that sends ICMP packets fully customized from command line. Its main purpose is to replace the ping command but adding certain enhancements (Fragmentation, spoofing,...)
sping sping sends ICMP ECHO requests to network hosts to determine whether they are `alive'. It is a small and hopefully secure implementation of the common ping utility that offers far less control over the packet options that may be specified (packet size, delay between packets, etc.) - this is a feature, for both security and bandwidth reasons. sping has been tested on Linux 2.4.0- test10 but should work on other operating systems that support raw ICMP sockets.
Visual Route A visual, fast, and integrated ping, whois, and traceroute program that automatically analyzes connectivity problems. VISUAL: See the route your IP packets take on a map of the World. FAST: VisualRoute processes all IP hops in parallel instead of consecutively, which produces results dramatically faster than conventional traceroute programs. INTEGRATED: VisualRoute combines ping, whois, and traceroute all into one program with the point and click ease of a GUI. New Features include a color map with zoom capability, support for hex encoded IP addresses, easy addition of new hosts to database, and much more.


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