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Packet Tools

"Multi-Generator" (MGEN) Toolset MGEN is a set of programs which provide the ability to perform IP network performance measurements using UDP/IP unicast and multicast traffic. The toolset generates real-time traffic patterns so that the network can be loaded in a variety of ways. Script files are used to drive the loading patterns over the course of time. It is possible to create script files which emulate the traffic patterns of unicast and/or multicast UDP/IP applications. The receive portion of this tool set can dynamically join and leave IP multicast groups and log receive data which can be used to calculate statistics on received data such as throughput, packet loss rates, communication delay, etc. RSVP operation in conjunction with ISI's "rsvpd" Releases 4.1aX and 4.2aX are supported and RSVP reservations can be dynamically scripted as well.
isic IP Stack Integrity Checker. Its purpose is to test the stability of an IP Stack and its component stacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.) It does this be generating random packets of the desired protocol. The packets can have tendancies. ie by default all packets have a 50% chance of having IP Options. The packets are then sent against the target machine to either penetrate its firewall rules or find bugs in the IP stack.
nemesis nemesis is a command-line UNIX network packet injection suite.
NeoTrace NeoTrace is a diagnostic and investigative tool. It traces the network path across the Internet from the host system to a target system anywhere on the Internet. Automatic retrieval of data includes registration details for the owner of each computer on the route (address, phone, email address) and the network each node IP is registered to. Easy to read views of the data include a world map showing the locations of nodes along the route, a graph showing the relative response time of each node along the path, a simple listing and an abstract representation of the path and node types along the route. Do not use this to upgrade a registered version of the program, it will overwrite it!
Net Scan Tools An application that brings many classic UNIX network client utilities into an easy-to-use Windows environment: Name Server Lookup (NSLOOKUP), Ping, Traceroute, Advanced Whois, Port Probe, NetScanner (a Ping scanner), TimeSync, NetBIOS Info, telnet/ftp/http program Launcher, Finger, Daytime, Quote, Chargen, Echo, Ident Server, Winsock Info, a simple TCP Terminal, and "What's New At NWPSW"--a barebones URL grabber. New Features in 4.1 are: Ping/Traceroute response time graphing, RWHOIS, Launcher with user definable executable paths, TimeSync Scheduler, MAC Addresses of shared NetBIOS nodes.
Netlab NetLab is a 32-bit Winsock-compliant application that provides the following features: asynchronous Finger service, Whois service, DayTime service, PC clock synchronization, DNS lookup, port scan, and a quote of the day. This version can now scan a range of IPs for host names and/or services.
rid-1.11 RID (remote intrusion detector) is a tool programmed in C that is a highly configurable packet snooper and generator. It works by sending out packets defined in the config.txt file, then listening for appropriate replies.
SendIP SendIP is a commandline tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets. SendIP has a large number of command line options to specify the content of every header of a TCP, UDP, ICMP or raw IP packet. It also allows any data to be added to the packet. Checksums can be calculated automatically, but if you wish to send out wrong checksums, that is supported too.


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