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tin Usenet News Quick Reference
Basic Information
Usenet news can be thought of as the original "bulletin board" of the
Internet. It allows Internet users to participate in discussions about
various topics using electronic mail. On Information Technology's Alpha 
Unix system, tin can be used to read and post news items. Note: PINE 
can also be used to read Usenet news; see the Quick Reference document
"Reading Usenet News with PINE" for details.
tin can read Usenet news locally (from /usr/spool/news) or remotely
(using the "r" option) using an NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol)
server. It will automatically use News Overview (nov) style index
files if available.
Type "tin" at the Unix shell prompt. The first time you do this you
will shortly see a list of all known news groups. To subscribe to a
newsgroup press "y" to yank all known newsgroups in, and then do one of
the following:
-- Subscribe to a specific newsgroup by typing s and then the name of the
-- Subscribe to a set of groups using a search pattern by typing S and then
the pattern to use (such as "comp.text.*").
After you have finished subscribing, type "y" again to yank out all
unsubscribed newsgroups. To unsubscribe from subscribed newsgroups,
use "u" to unsubscribe from a single group or "U" to unsubscribe by a
To view the list of postings in a newsgroup, use the up or down arrows
keys to select it and the press Enter or the right arrow key. The same
keystrokes are used to view a particular posting (up or down arrows to
select, Enter or right arrow to view). Postings can also be selected
by number, and text strings in the subjects can be searched for with
the "/" command.
To exit from reading a posting and return to the list of postings
and/or the list of newsgroups, use the left arrow key.
Help Facilities
Help from tin is available at any time by typing "h" and following the
menu prompts. Help is also available from the Unix man pages (type "man
Online Tutorials
Online tutorials for tin are not available at this time.
Type "q" and press Return when viewing your newsgroups to exit tin.


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