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Members Services

The members service is a subscription service. For full details see FAQ below. The fees collected go back into Cotse to fund the costs of keeping up with required hardware and bandwidth as well as overhead to support everything ad free.

Steps to Sign-up for the Members Services

  1. Read our Policies on the Webmail service if you have not already done so.
  2. Read our Policies on the webspace if you have not already done so.
  3. Reserve an account(click here to reserve using SSL) if you don't already have one. (note: this does not create an account, it only reserves the account you request until payment is made. Reservations that receive no payment are expired monthly.
  4. Click here to pay via credit card, on-line check, telephone billing, PayPal, or E-Gold.
  5. To pay via check or money order, mail to the address below. Please include your Cotse account name. The price is $5.95 per month, pay for as few or as many months as you want.

    Packetderm, LLC
    210 Park Ave #308
    Worcester, MA 01609


Members Service FAQ

Q: What are these additional features?

A: Details Here.

Q: What do you do with any personal information you get?

A: Nothing but what is required to provide the service. No user information lists are gathered, compiled, or sold. The only information we keep are things needed by the system, like account and password, your hint for if you forget your pass, etc. It takes a subpoena to get anything out of us and even then only after you have had 14 days to address it.

With PayPal we don't see your Credit Card information. You can also mail us a money order or certified check. Both forms of payment keep us from knowing your details, but money order by mail is obviously the most anonymous.

Q: Can I use my own domain for the email and web space?

A: Yes. For a one time setup fee of $25 we will set up the service so you can send and receive mail under your own domain and have your own domain point to your web space. This fee does not include domain registration and for now you must register your domain elsewhere. Please contact for additional information on this.

Q: What if I don't like the members service.

A: If you have paid for advanced services, we'll refund, less the used portions. We round to the month because it is such a small amount. If you are on a subscription pay with PayPal just cancel future payments and notify Same for subscription via ibill. You will still have access to your account via the free interface.

Q: Will you refund if my account is terminated for abuse?

A: No. In order for you to be terminated from the service you must commit net abuse. We are very careful to make sure their are no borderline/open to interpretation policies and we stick to our policies to the letter. We will also bill at a rate of $1000/per mailing in clean-up fees for spam runs.


Protect yourself from cyberstalkers, identity thieves, and those who would snoop on you.
Stop spam from invading your inbox without losing the mail you want. We give you more control over your e-mail than any other service.
Block popups, ads, and malicious scripts while you surf the net through our anonymous proxies.
Participate in Usenet, host your web files, easily send anonymous messages, and more, much more.
All private, all encrypted, all secure, all in an easy to use service, and all for only $5.95 a month!

Service Details

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Packetderm, LLC
210 Park Ave #308
Worcester, MA 01609