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ADDNETTBLE (Add Network Table Entry) Command


The Add Network Table Entry (ADDNETTBLE) command is used to add a network entry to the network table. You can use the network table to manage a list of your networks and their associated Internet addresses.

Restriction: You must have system configuration (*IOSYSCFG) special authority to use this command.

Required Parameters

NETWORK Specifies the name of the network to be added to the table.

Note: The combination of the values on the NETWORK and INTNETADR parameters must be unique.

INTNETADR Specifies the Internet address of the network. Internet addresses are expressed in the decimal form


where nnn is a number ranging from 0 through 255.

Optional Parameters

ALIAS Specifies the alternate name for the network. You can specify a maximum of 4 aliases. No checking is done to ensure that an alias is unique.

*NONE: The network has no alternate name.

alias: Specify an alternate network name.

TEXT Specifies the text that briefly describes the network entry.

*BLANK: Text is not specified.

'network-description': Specify no more than 50 characters of text, enclosed in apostrophes.



This command adds an entry for the network NETONE to the network table. The Internet address for NETONE is


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