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PERL Function Reference



ntcmds00000001.gif abs absolute value function
ntcmds00000001.gif accept accept an incoming socket connect
ntcmds00000001.gif alarm schedule a SIGALRM
ntcmds00000001.gif atan2 arctangent of Y/X

ntcmds00000001.gif bind binds an address to a socket
ntcmds00000001.gif binmode prepare binary files on old systems
ntcmds00000001.gif bless create an object

ntcmds00000001.gif caller get context of the current subroutine call
ntcmds00000001.gif chdir change your current working directory
ntcmds00000001.gif chmod changes the permissions on a list of files
ntcmds00000001.gif chomp remove a trailing record separator from a string
ntcmds00000001.gif chop remove the last character from a string
ntcmds00000001.gif chown change the owership on a list of files
ntcmds00000001.gif chr get character this number represents
ntcmds00000001.gif chroot make directory new root for path lookups
ntcmds00000001.gif close close file (or pipe or socket) handle
ntcmds00000001.gif closedir close directory handle
ntcmds00000001.gif connect connect to a remove socket
ntcmds00000001.gif continue optional trailing block in a while or foreach
ntcmds00000001.gif cos cosine function
ntcmds00000001.gif crypt one-way passwd-style encryption

ntcmds00000001.gif dbmclose breaks binding on a tied dbm file
ntcmds00000001.gif dbmopen create binding on a tied dbm file
ntcmds00000001.gif defined test whether a value, variable, or function is defined
ntcmds00000001.gif delete deletes a value from a hash
ntcmds00000001.gif die raise an exception or bail out
ntcmds00000001.gif do turn a BLOCK into a TERM
ntcmds00000001.gif dump create an immediate core dump


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