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On-line Programming References

High Level Languages
Ada Ada 95 documentation
C Online C course
C Downloadable C course
C/Base 4GL C/Base 4GL reference manuals.
Java Sun's Java Programming Language
Lisp Common Lisp
Pascal GNU Pascal
QBasic All you need for qbasic
Vrml Virtual Reality Modelling Language
Scripting/Interpreted  Languages & Shells
Bash Bourne Again Shell
Bash (GNU) GNU Bourne Again Shell
Cgi Common Gateway Interface
Csh C Shell reference
Deja GNU Regression Test System in TCL/Expect
Expect Automated Interactive Processes
Html Hyper Text Markup Language
Javascript Javascript is NOT Java!
Ksh Korn Shell 
Perl Practical Extraction & Report Language
Python Extensible object-oriented language
Sh Bourne Shell
Tcl Tool Command Language 
Tnm TCL Network Management extensions
Ed Simple Editor
Emacs Editing Macros Editor
Vi Line Mode Editor
Shell Utilities
Awk Programmable Text Manipulation
Grep Generic Regular Expression Parse
Gzip Data Compression Program
Sed Stream Editor
Make Make utility
Tar Archive Tool
Termcap Termcapp Library & Database
Wget Noninteractive Downloading
Xrdb X Resource Database
X-Window Managers
CDE Digital's Common Dessktop Environment
Fvwm F* Virtual Window Manager
Mwm Motif Window Manager
Olwm Open Look Window Manager
Twm Tab Window Manager
Bus & Cluster Technology
ATA/PI & EIDE AT Attachment
HIPPI High Performance Parallel interface
PCI PC Innovation
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives
SCI Scalable Coherent Interface
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface
T10 NCITS Technical Committee
Web Search Engines
Agents Robots, Spiders & Crawlers
Robot FAQ Everything About Web Robots
Regex GNU Regular Expression Library
Socket A nice guide to socket programming.
Sybase Sybase on-line manuals and quick references.
OSF/Motif OSF/Motif Reference.
A nice place for most of the common languages.
Gnu Manuals Online manuals for all GNU software
OpenBSD UNIX-like OS
ReactOS NT Replacement OS
UNIX for Beginners Just what it looks like
Differences in Shells Do you know your shells?
Sun Docs Sun's Documentation Site


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