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Unix MH Quick Reference
Basic Information
MH (the Message Handling system) is a set of commands that allow you
to manage electronic mail at the shell prompt. It is not a monolithic
mail system: rather than typing a command that starts a mail handler
with internal commands and/or menus, MH commands are all entered at
the shell prompt. This allows you to intersperse mail commands with
other work. MH stores messages in separate files rather than in a
single mail file.  Setup Before you use MH you'll need to edit your
Unix shell profile to add the directory where MH commands are
found. The following steps assume the Korn shell (ksh) is used:
Edit the file .profile and add the following code:
   export PATH
   unset addpath
Logout and log back into your Unix account to have the new code take
effect. Next you need to run the MH folder command to have MH build
your default MH profile and mail folder directories: type "folder
+inbox" and answer "y" to both questions.
Send mail
To send mail with MH, type "comp" at the shell prompt. You'll be
prompted for a recipient, carbon copy recipients, and a subject. Enter
those, then type the body of your message after the dashed line (press
Return after each line). To end the message type ^d (press and hold
control, press d, then release both). At the What now? prompt, type
"send" to send the message.
Read mail
When you see a message (either during a session or at login) that you
have new mail, type "inc" to incorporate that mail in to your MH
inbox, then type "scan" to see a list of the new items (the one flagged
with "+" is the current one). Type "show" to see the current item (it
is displayed using the more program), or type "show N" where N is the
message number you want. Type "next" to see the next one if more than
one new message was incorporated. To remove mail messages, type "rmm"
followed by the message number.
Help Facilities
Help for MH is obtained from the Unix man pages: type "man mh" to view
the MH overview. Each MH command has its own man page.
Online Tutorials
No online tutorial for MH exists at this time.
As MH is a series of commands, no exit command is needed.


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