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MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers

2. Key Parts of the UNIX Filesystem
3. Introduction to MIME
5.9.1 Can You Use MIME?
6.1.6 Using mhl
6.4.1 scan Format Files
6.4.2 Scanning Backward
6.6.1 Logging New Mail with -audit
6.6.4 If New Messages Arrive
7.1.1 Making the Draft from the Template File
7.3 MH Aliases
7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
7.5.2 Draft Folder
7.5.7 mhn Editing and automhnproc
7.5.8 Recovering Drafts Edited by mhn
7.8.2 Selective Replies with -nocc and -cc
7.9.1 Formatting Forwarded Messages
7.9.8 Forwarding in MIME Format
7.10 Distributing Messages with dist
8.1.2 Using the folder Command to Create and Change Folders
8.1.4 Moving and Linking Messages: refile
8.2 Finding Messages with pick
8.3 More About Sequences
8.6 Removing and Recovering Messages
8.7 Removing Folders: rmf
9.1 Running an MH Command
9.3 An MH Profile, in General
9.4 Configuring mhn
9.4.2 Making an MHN Profile
9.6 Changing MH Directory Name
9.7 Setting Access Permissions for Other Accounts
9.8 Defining Alternate Mailboxes
9.9 Sharing Other Users' Folders
9.10.1 How the Draft Message is Built
9.10.2 The components File
9.10.3 The replcomps File
9.10.4 The forwcomps File
9.10.6 The distcomps File
11.1.1 Formatting the Message Header
11.1.2 Formatting the Message Body
11.1.3 Default mhl Format File for show
11.1.4 forw Filter Files
11.2.1 scan Format Strings
11.2.3 The scan.answer Format File
11.2.4 The Default scan Format File
11.2.5 More Header Information: scan.hdr
12. Processing New Mail Automatically
17. Tour Through mh-e
18. Using mh-e
19. Customizing mh-e
D. Example Files and Programs
D.1 Obtaining Example Files From This Book
E.3 mh-e Reference Guide
E.5 MIME Reference Guide

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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