MH & xmh: Index for "B"

Banner 16.3 Changing How Commands Work
basename command 13.12 Settings from the MH Profile
base64 encoding 7.6 Composing and Sending MIME Messages, 3.1 Overview of MIME Messages
biff command 12.5 New Message Notification: rcvtty
binary encoding 3.1 Overview of MIME Messages
bit stuffing 7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw
BITFTP D.1 Obtaining Example Files From This Book
blind carbon copy 7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
example 7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
BlockEventsOnBusy 16.3 Changing How Commands Work
dist can't link 7.10 Distributing Messages with dist
infinite loop 2.9 Caution About MH Files and Newline Characters
mark -list and private sequence 8.3 More About Sequences
mhn-store- won't write to stdout 9.4 Configuring mhn
mh_sequences is poorly formatted 8.3 More About Sequences
rmf -nointerative 8.7 Removing Folders: rmf
scan -file and current folder 6.4 More About scan
scan error to stdout D.24 Explanation of showpr
sendproc fails with dist 7.1 Overview: Sending MH Messages
slocal mailbox writing 12.11 Debugging Tips
slocal N result 12.2 The .maildelivery File in Detail
xmh Close Window twice 15.3 Editing in xmh
bulletin boards A.1 MH BBoards
burst command 8.10 Bursting Messages, 7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw
and forw 7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw, 7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw
mh-e usage 18.1 Reading Your Mail
BusyCursor 16.3 Changing How Commands Work
BusyPointerColor 16.3 Changing How Commands Work
customizing 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
adding color 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
commandBox 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
move to folder 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
send and Close 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
start Over 16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
resources, exmh 22.7 Resources for Buttons
xmh (see xmh commands)

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