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Lynx Quick Reference
Basic Information
Lynx is a text-only World Wide Web (WWW) viewer. Like Gopher, it is a
means of accessing the Internet. It offers the same global hypertext
and multiple protocol capabilities as its multimedia counterparts,
such as Mosaic or Netscape.
To access the WWW server, type lynx at the shell prompt. The 
non-graphical homepage will be displayed. Use the UP and DOWN arrow
keys to move from area to area on the homepage. Use the SPACE BAR to
display the second and succeeding pages. Press the Enter key to view a
file or go to another page/level.
    $ lynx
    [ home page displayed here.]
    [Last 2 lines display back Lynx usage information.]
Help Facilities
Help for Lynx commands is available by typing the letter h. You will
be taken to a page which contains a number of different choices. The
first selection, Keystroke commands, will display a list of available
commands along with a very brief description of what they do. More
detailed help may be found in other selections on that page. To get
out of that help file and return to the page you were previously
viewing, press the LEFT arrow key twice.
Online Tutorials
There is no online tutorial available for Unix lynx.
To leave Lynx, press the LEFT arrow key from within any file to return
to a page/level. Then type the letter "q" to return to the shell prompt.
Lynx will ask if you really want to leave.  If you do, just press the
Enter key.  You should now be back to the shell prompt.
    [Some WWW page displayed here.]
    q    [q does not display on screen.]
    Are you sure you want to quit?  [Y]


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