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Cotse RC5 Team

We're Cracking Code!!!

Well, sorta. The Cotse Helpdesk Team, along with many volunteers, are making an effort to help crack the RC5 Challenge with

This Challenge is an attempt to crack encryption keys. Helping to crack these keys will enable stronger encryption to be developed and exported, along with the chance to help raise money for non-profit organizations.

We would like to invite you to join our Team by downloading the software here. Install it on your system, configure your client for your email address and ONLY run the RC5 code-breaking. Run it for at least 24 hours.

After the statistics update (typically 24 hours, but it may take more time) you may review your statistics by entering in your email address on the statistics page above. After reviewing your statistics, at the bottom of your statistics page, you can have your password emailed to you. When the email arrives, go to the Cotse Helpdesk Team Page and join by clicking the link to "Join This Team" located directly below the list of teams and their statistics.

For more information, email:
John Holstein,
Cotse Helpdesk/Support Coordinator


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