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Whitehouse Reports

Press Releases from the President of the United States and the Presidential Cabinet concerning the Internet and Cyber Security

As Compiled by John Holstein, Cotse's Whitehouse Resident Agent

Date 3/10/01
As of this date, no Press Releases have been issued by the Whitehouse since President G.W. Bush has taken office. I have contacted the webmasters for concerning this issue. All I have been able to find is the normal archived Press Releases on the Whitehouse Website. This leads me to believe that for some reason, the Whitehouse is looking to keep most web traffic concerning the Press Releases on their own web server and not allow others the ease of receiving said information via email.

All articles noted below are from the former President Clintons administration and until such time that more resources are obtained or the new administration decides to release articles in the old manner, we will not be updating this portion of the Helpdesk.

Please feel free to visit this link for more information related to the Whitehouse and technology.

Press Release (92)
Date 1/17/01
Press Briefing by John Podesta and Jack Lew .

Press Release (91)
Date 1/17/01
Statement by President on Leadership for New Millennium.

Press Release (90)
Date 1/10/01
Telephone Briefing by Podesta Reinsch and Deleon.

Press Release (89)
Date 1/10/01
Fact Sheet on Export Controls on High Performance Computers.

Press Release (88)
Date 12/27/00
Statement by the President on Signing of HR 5630 .

Press Release (87)
Date 12/21/00
Interview of the President by Science Magazine .

Press Release (86)
Date 12/18/00
Ness Named as Member of the Federal Communications Commission.

Press Release (85)
Date 12/12/00
Interview of the President by the Discovery Channel.

Press Release (84)
Date 12/08/00
Fact Sheet on Scholarship for Service.

Press Release (83)
Date 11/22/00
Statement by Press Secretary on Digital Opportunity Taskforce.

Press Release (82)
Date 11/13/00
The Nations Highest Science and Technology Honors Awarded.

Press Release (81)
Date 11/2/00
Statement on the Technology Transfer Commercialization Act .

Press Release (80)
Date 10/13/00
Telephone Briefing on Third Generation Wireless Technology.

Press Release (79)
Date 10/16/00
Statement by the President on the Digital Divide.

Press Release (78)
Date 10/13/00
Memo on Advanced Mobile Communications and Wireless Systems.

Press Release (77)
Date 10/13/00
Statement on the Third Generation of Wireless Technology.

Press Release (76)
Date 9/29/00
Press Briefing by Podesta to Internet Press Organizations .

Press Release (75)
Date 9/22/00
Remarks by the President in Internet Webcast .

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