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Win2k to Win9x File Shares
Updated 11-01-01

How to... Connect Win2k Pro and Win9x for file sharing.

by: John Holstein

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While playing around the office, I attempted to setup a standard Windows 9x fileshare connectable to a Windows 2000 Pro Workstation. I figured it to be pretty easy, simply share the folder, connect thru the LAN and away we go. Well, again I *assumed* too much from a Microsoft Product.

In a Microsoft attempt at increasing security, they also disabled/enabled some features that make it necessary to *tweak* some settings in order to get the connection established and the authentication to work properly.

The documentation you will find below was a tad difficult to find on the Microsoft Site. That is the primary reason I have archived it here. What you will find below is the EXACT article as written by Microsoft. The article was archived in its entirety without modification of content, only layout changes have been made. If you have a problem with the way they explain things, simply email me and I will try and explain it one on one.

Archive of Microsoft Page located at:

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Windows 2000 Professional may have problems communicating with other computers running Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows 95/Microsoft Windows 98 in a peer-to-peer workgroup. These issues might include problems connecting to a shared folder or a shared printer, or problems browsing with Network Neighborhood in Windows 95/Windows 98 or My Network Places in Windows 2000. Before the installation of Windows 2000, the former operating system may have been communicating effectively with the other workgroup computers.


TCP/IP is the default network protocol in Windows 2000. Early versions of Windows 95/Windows 98 install the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX-Compatible Transport (Nwlink) protocols as the default protocols. Configuration settings from a Windows 95/Windows 98-based computer are not retained unless you perform a straight upgrade. Because of this, the Windows 2000 installation might not have a common protocol with the existing computers on the network, preventing connectivity. Also, browsing the network does not work properly without a common protocol. After you establish connectivity with the following process, you need user accounts that match on the Windows 95/Windows 98-based computers and the Windows 2000 Professional-based computer. If the user name is not recognized in the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database on the Windows 2000 Professional-based computer, you cannot gain access to the shared resources.

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