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Linux & Bell Atlantic (Verizon) DSL
PPPoE for Linux
By John Holstein, Cotse Helpdesk Coordinator

Page 2, Installation and Configuration

Getting it done.

The very first thing your should do is check out Roaring Penguins Site concerning PPPoE, that's where I was first initiated in the ways of Linux PPPoE.

From here on out, I will be quoting their site and refering to documents contained therein. I will however attempt to go into a bit more detail and present you with better explainations on "how-to" do the *simple* steps they tell you about.


You must have ROOT access to install the software. "...If you are installing from source, you need a complete C development environment (compiler, make, linker, headers, libraries.)"

After you have the software downloaded, if using the RPM version, simply run the following statement from a command line in console:

rpm -Uvh rp-pppoe-2.3-1.i386.rpm

The statement above WILL CHANGE according to which version you have downloaded.

After rpm'ing the file, you need to run the adsl-setup program. Simply by typing adsl-setup at a command console the program will run and allow you to input your username, password and other configurations necessary to use your DSL service.

After setup, all you need to do is type "adsl-start" to begin the login procedure. If you followed the installation correctly and the software you downloaded matches your kernel, you should be on the net in seconds. Thats all there is to it!!! Much easier than the install and setup for WinPoet in Windows.

To stop the service, simply type "adsl-stop" at the command console. This stops the service and you are no longer connected to the internet.

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