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Linux High Availability Installation
Ultra Monkey 1.0.2
VA Enhanced 6.2.3
RH 6.2/6.x

John Holstein , Cotse Helpdesk Coordinator

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III. Topologies

6.240 Represents the Floating Address, which will be the target address of DNS. (This will be replaced by an actual IP, assigned by your subnet provider or ISP.)

6.4/5 Represents Internal IP's to be used with Heartbeat (see below). Heartbeat will be running on the two HAVS Local Directors. By communicating via a serial cable and UDP broadcast thru tcp/ip, the HAVS servers constantly monitor one another. In the event that the active Local Director fails, the secondary director will take over.

6.2/3 Represents Real Servers, hosting the actual website on the internal LAN. As with the heartbeat controlled HAVS servers, the same holds true for the Real Servers in the case of redundancy. However, in this case, the lo, lo:0, lo:1, etc, will be the same on both machines. Even though the Local Directors are sending packets to the Real Servers actual IP address, they will be virtually hosting duplicate IP addresses and web sites.

This makes a "redundancy duplicate". The HAVS servers are answering requests for the "floating addresses" where they pass the requests off to another IP that virtually hosts the actual IP address. These IP addresses, which translate into web sites, are redundant by replicating each other on active Real Servers. If one real server is in failure, the other will answer the request. Real Servers are managed by assigning duplicate Virtual IP's, not by third party solutions.

As mentioned in the introduction above, this is the preferable topology to meet our needs at the time of development. Your needs may vary, whereby you need to visit the Ultra Monkey site to find the specific topology for your network.

The Ultra Monkey Topology Section is located at:

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