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Linux High Availability Installation
Ultra Monkey 1.0.2
VA Enhanced 6.2.3
RH 6.2/6.x

John Holstein , Cotse Helpdesk Coordinator

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Let me explain how I got started on this. At my regular job, (no, I don't spend *every* waking minute working on Cotse projects) we needed a fix. We needed redundancy, broader use of available server resources and streamlined backup procedures. Our current server traffic placed us in a situation of coming in contact with more web users than our server infrastructure would allow. The bandwidth was there. However, the server infrastructure would be out dated within months if something wasn't done. After a decision making process, involving continuous trial and error procedures, we decided the best course of action would be to attempt an installation of a High Availability Virtual Server Solution. We decided on the Ultra Monkey package, for the Linux RH 6.2 System. I came onboard at the end of the decision making process and after a brief orientation to the choices at hand, being Ultramonkey, Linux Redhat High Availability System and a couple of others, the decision was made to place an emphasis on Ultra Monkey.

Our research uncovered the fact that, at this point, not one software vendor was offering a High Availability solution for Web Servers via the newer kernels, including those included in Red Hat 7.0+. Everything you see below is based on the Linux RH 6.2 System. Security wise, this should be at the lower end of the scale. No website or SSL material will be contained on the Local Directors and trust issues are internal and not applicable to the outside network. This would leave you with issues similar to those without the directors in place and should not add another "weak link" to the security chain of the network. We do advise to fully patch all kernels for security issues, however, at the time of this documentation, we are still in the test phase of the project and we have not patched the systems for security issues. Furthermore, additional patching may hinder the goal of the project, an ever-increasing problem by developing locally. We will be monitoring security issues pertaining to all communication packages.

The below documentation was written by combining the "How-To" from Ultra Monkey and our own experiences. We have attempted to give a better perspective on the installation procedures to allow anyone following in our footsteps the ability to be better prepared for the tasks ahead. This is a very slow and meticulous process. One error and the system will not function. If lacking troubleshooting skills, we would advise you to invite someone that is proficient in troubleshooting so they can sit through the procedure. A normal installation time for the steps below should be somewhere between 5 to 6 hours. Note: Even though I could go back and do this in 4 to 6 Hours, it still doesn't mean this will be all the time you need to install this configuration. As with any other type of instruction, I gave the total hours if you know exactly what's going on and we all know that's not always the case.

System Requirements

This white paper is based on a Pentium III class system (i386).

Within the topology that we will be using, the High Capacity, Highly Available, Load Balanced Service: Network of Virtual Services, we will be utilizing a minimum of 2 Local Director Servers and 2 Real Servers for web applications. Your topology my differ from ours, dependent upon your specific needs.

To further investigate your exact needs, visit the Ultra Monkey Topology Section located at to find the solution that best describes your needs.

We would like to also recommend that you fully read the documentation "as-is" from the software vendor of your choice and use our guide for the actual install process. As with other *nix documents, most are written as if you know everything about what's going on. We are attempting to describe in a much more basic manner, the ways and means of completing your goals.

Before going any further

Obtain Ultra Monkey Info and Program Files from:

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