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Introduction to Application Profiling
Fine Tune Applications for Optimal Performance, Over the Wire.

By John Holstein, Cotse Helpdesk Coordinator

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Software Construction:

Here's where the war begins. This could be considered the "finger pointing" session. Let's not take for granted serious bandwidth issues and the possibility that the software *may be* acting perfectly. The server may be causing the issue, or more so than not, the NIC in one of the machines. If however troubleshooting technique's have determined that hardware is not the issue, and you are pretty sure this is the case, there are but two more limitations.

#1 Bandwidth

The first, "bandwidth", is usually the 'scape-goat'. An increase the bandwidth will increase performance. While this may be true, at what cost? Take for instance; You have spent $10,000.00 for the proprietary database software. And it will cost you another $2000.00 for the programmer to adjust the send/receive packet sizes. You spend an additional $100.00 per client, every time you open a new Widgets Store, for the client software.

Now then, you currently operate from a dedicated full burstable T-1 Line at the central warehouse #4. Every other warehouse is connected with Fractional 1/2 T's. All of your client stores are using dialup modems to connect with warehouse #4. To increase the bandwidth at your warehouse to 2 T-1's will cost an additional $1000.00 per month, each upgrade at the secondary warehouse will cost an additional $350.00 and only 1/2 of your 1500 client stores nationwide can upgrade to DSL or Cable due to availability of broadband in their areas, which leaves you with two alternatives, leave them be with the dialup lines (limiting your bandwidth upgrade) or purchasing Fractional 1/4 to 1/2 T-1 lines at all 750 stores where broadband is not available. Let's break it down:

#2 Software:

$10,000.00 *2 (one backup at another warehouse) for the original software.
$2000.00 for the programmers to upgrade the packet information
$100.00 for client side apps (*1500)
$220,000.00 and it's yours. Not a lease. Yours. You can destroy it, or use it for eternity with only maintenance issues in the future.

Bandwidth calculations (per year):

Currently you are paying:

full t-1 at primary central warehouse: 1 * 1000.00 per month * 12 = 12,000.00
fractional t's at secondary warehouses: 7 * 650.00 per month * 12 = 54,600.00
dialup accounts for all client stores: 1500 * 19.95 per month * 12 = 359,100.00

Current Per Year Bandwidth Total: 425,700.00

Additional Bandwidth Adjustments:

Additional T-1 at Central Warehouse: $1000.00 per month, per year 12,000.00

Additional $350.00 a month * 7 to upgrade secondary warehouses to full t-1, total of $29,400.00 per year

Additional DSL lines: 39.95 (cost) - 19.95 (was paying for modem line) * 12 * 750 = $180,000.00

Additional Fractional 1/4 T-1 Lines (if used) Estimated 350.00 per frac T-1. $350.00 - 19.95 * 12 * 750 = $2,970,450.00 per year, in addition!

Or you may choose not to upgrade the 750 clients in remote locations using dialup accounts. Which would cost nothing extra. (But the problem would still be there, slow transaction times, limited bandwidth)

So then, to recap:

Normal Bandwidth Cost: 425,700.00

Additional BW Cost: 221,400.00 (without upgrading 750 client sites), per year.

Software Originally Cost: 218,000.00 for all locations

Upgrade software: $2000.00

And of course, the only way to know what was causing your problem to begin with was the purchase of the software to determine your problem :-). Like I said at the beginning, from what I gather, prices of application profiling software range from $7000.00 to $30,000.00. That being the case, we will stick to the highest priced software and say it will cost you $30,000.00 for the profiler you need.

Therefore, we have spent an additional $30,000.00 for a profiling software, which is again, yours to keep and use again and again with no monthly fee (unless you buy updates) and the $2000.00 for the software update. Ok. Maybe $2000.00 is too cheap. So let's say we spent $12,000.00 on the update. It works, the software has stabilize. We are now getting requests back at a more acceptable rate.

So... we spent 30,000.00 + 12,000.00 = 42,000.00 on the software to get a FIX, whereas we would have spent an additional $221,400.00 per YEAR for an increase in bandwidth that we will be paying for again and again, doing only what a $42,000.00 update/analysis could have done.

All in all, we saved approximately $180,000.00 the first year and $221,400.00 each additional year thereafter. Granted this is hypothetical situation, but the percentage of savings would be close to our analysis based on a company with the infrastructure size as given.

See the light now?

Have a nice day.

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