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We are devoted to providing our readers with the information they need. In doing so, we have determined that a "Technicians Perspective" is needed to give a relevant point of view that is outside the normal scope of the "Spin Doctors" which are influenced by Big Business and Big Money. We provide this service as an alternative to standard news publications and hope that you enjoy our out-take on current Internet points of interest.

Software Registration & Your Privacy
Date: 08-26-03
Software Registration | Another Invasion of Privacy.
by John Holstein

Sick Spam
Date: 02-10-03
Preying on 9/11.
by John Holstein

Date: 09-09-02
RTFM: Universal Command Theory.
by John Holstein

Open Letter, re: RIAA
Date: 07-26-02
RIAA Legislation | Invasion of Privacy.
by John Holstein

Defacements/Server Compromise
Updated: 07-24-02
Some Companies Simply Don't Care.
by John Holstein

Trouble with Charter Cable
Date: 07-24-02
Just trying to get my cable service installed
by John Holstein

The Sky is Falling!
Date: 06-27-02
Vulnerability Disclosures: Crying Wolf
by John Holstein

Insurance Companies and Your Privacy
Date: 8-30-01
Investigative Report by John Holstein

DNS Hi-Jacking?
Date: 1-30-01
Or a Known Flaw? An editorial by John Holstein & Steve Whitacre

Microsoft Having Problems??
Date: 1-24-01
Story at Eleven. An Investigative Report by John Holstein

Let's play the ISP Game
Date: 11-21-00
Dialup Frustrations. An editorial by John Holstein

Interactive TV; NBCi
Date: 11-05-00
Are they up to the challenge? An editorial by John Holstein

OpEd: More MS Servers Compromised.
Date: 11-04-00
Microsoft servers remain unpatched. An OpEd by John Holstein.

Microsoft Compromised.
Date: 10-27-00
Microsoft servers exploited, possible loss of source code. An Editorial by John Holstein.

Microsoft Servers Go Unpatched.
Date: 10-18-00
Recently in the news, Microsofts Product Security Advisories are not taken to heart on Microsoft's own Web Servers. An Editorial by John Holstein..

Whitehouse Press Releases Press Releases from the Whitehouse concerning the Internet, Electronics and other Cyber related material.

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