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Unix Gopher Quick Reference
Basic information
Gopher is a menu driven electronic document distribution system that 
accesses information and other resources both locally and world-wide.  
This information could be documents, information systems, Telnet sessions 
to libraries and other resources, FTP sites, and searches like Archie, 
Jughead, and Veronica.  Gopher allows you to navigate through a universe 
of information without needing to know how to connect to each Gopher 
To start using Gopher, type  "gopher"  at the shell prompt (usually the 
$) and press the Enter key.  The main Gopher menu will be displayed.  The 
first time you run Gopher, a copyright notice will be displayed.  Press 
Enter to get to the main menu.  
A directory is identified by a / at the end of a menu line; a file, by a 
period.  Move to the menu item you want to enter using the UP and DOWN 
arrow keys.  Then press the Enter key to move into the file or next lower 
	$ gopher
	[Main  gopher menu displayed here.]
	Type ? for help, q to quit  
Help facilities
A list of the commands available in Gopher can be displayed by pressing 
the question mark (?) key.    Most Gopher commands can be entered by 
typing either a letter or a number.
Online tutorials
There are two on-line course dealing with Gopher in Gopher. From the main 
menu, choose About  Gopher And Gopher In General; now choose Gopher
Lessons From Roadmap and/or A Course -- Let's Go Gopherin'.
Type the letter "q" or press the LEFT arrow key from within any file to 
return to a menu.   Type the letter "q" from any menu to exit Gopher.   
You will be asked if you are sure you want to exit Gopher.  If you do, 
press the Enter key.  You should now be back to the shell prompt.  
	[Some Gopher menu displayed here.]
	Really exit Gopher [y/n] ? y


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