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Unix FTP Quick Reference
About Unix FTP
Ftp (file transfer protocol) is a program that lets you copy files 
between two computers. Both computers need to be connected to the 
Internet (or any network that ftp can use). Here is how to start ftp to 
UTÕs VAX system:
	$ ftp
	Connected to
	Name (uoft02:auser): myusername
	Password: [your-password-here]
Ftp requires your username and password in order to validate you to the 
remote system, but does not start a login session. Here are the basic ftp 
   put filename     Copy "filename" from your computer to the remote 
   get filename     Copy "filename" from the remote computer to your 
   cd pathname      Change the working directory on the remote computer 
                    to "pathname"
                    (ftp always starts at your home directory on the remote 
   lcd pathname     Change the working directory on your local machine to 
                    (ftp always starts at your home directory on the local 
   dir              List the contents of the remote directory.
   binary           Tells ftp to copy file(s) as is, without 
                    translation (used for programs, pictures, sounds, and 
                    other non-text data).
   ascii            Used for plain-text transfers, translating data as 
Help facilities
Help for ftp is available from by typing "man ftp". This displays the 
syntax and basic usage of ftp. At the --More-- prompt, press the Space bar 
to advance to the next screen, press Enter to advance one line, or press 
"q" to end the manual page display.
Online tutorials
Online tutorials may exist on your Unix system; Sun workstations offer 
info pages. See your local system administrator or local documentation 
for further information.
To exit ftp, type "quit" at the ftp> prompt. ftp ends and returns you to 
your local computer.
Related topics
See other Unix Quick Reference documents for information about other 


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