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Most X programs attempt to use the same names for command line options and arguments. All applications written with the X Toolkit Intrinsics automatically accept the following options: -display display This option specifies the name of the X server to use.
-geometry geometry
This option specifies the initial size and location of the window.
-bg color, -background color
Either option specifies the color to use for the window background.
-bd color, -bordercolor color
Either option specifies the color to use for the window border.
-bw number, -borderwidth number
Either option specifies the width in pixels of the window border.
-fg color, -foreground color
Either option specifies the color to use for text or graphics.
-fn font, -font font
Either option specifies the font to use for displaying text.
This option indicates that the user would prefer that the application's windows initially not be visible as if the windows had be immediately iconified by the user.

Window managers may choose not to honor the application's request.

This option specifies the name under which resources for the application should be found. This option is useful in shell aliases to distinguish between invoations of an application, without resorting to creating links to alter the executable file name.
-rv, -reverse
Either option indicates that the program should simulate reverse video if possible, often by swaping the foreground and background colors.
Not all programs honor this or implement it correctly. It is usually only used on monochrome displays.
This option indicates that the program should not simulate reverse video. This is used to override any defaults since reverse video doesn't always work properly.
This option specifies the timeout in milliseconds within which two communicating applications must respond to one another for a selection request.
This option indicates that requests to the X server should be sent synchronously, instead of asynchroously.
Since Xlib normally buffers requests to the server, errors do not necessarily get reported immediately after they occur. This option turns off the buffering so that the application can be debugged. It should never be used with a working program. -title string This option specifies the title to be used for this window. This information is sometimes used by a window manager to provide some sort of header idenifying the window.
-xnllanguage language[_territory][.codeset]
This option specifies the language, territory, and codeset for use in resolving resource and other filenames.
-xrm resourcestring
This option specifies a resource name and value to override any defaults. It is also very useful for setting resources that don't have explicit command line arguments.


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