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The following is a collection of sample command lines for some of the more frequently used commands. For more information on a particular command, please refer to that command's manual page.
% xrdb $HOME/.Xresources

% xmodmap -e "keysym BackSpace = Delete"

% mkfontdir /usr/local/lib/X11/otherfonts

% xset fp+ /usr/local/lib/X11/otherfonts

% xmodmap $HOME/

% xsetroot -solid 'rgbi:.8/.8/.8'

% xset b 100 400 c 50 s 1800 r on % xset q

% twm

% xmag

% xclock -geometry 48x48-0+0 -bg blue -fg white

% xeyes -geometry 48x48-48+0

% xbiff -update 20

% xlsfonts '*helvetica*'

% xwininfo -root

% xdpyinfo -display joesworkstation:0

% xhost -joesworkstation

% xrefresh

% xwd | xwud % bitmap 32x32

% xcalc -bg blue -fg magenta

% xterm -geometry 80x66-0-0 -name myxterm $*

% xon filesysmachine xload


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