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A wide variety of error messages are generated from various programs. The default error handler in Xlib (also used by many toolkits) uses standard resources to construct diagnostic messages when errors occur. The defaults for these messages are usually stored in /usr/lib/X11/XErrorDB. If this file is not present, error messages will be rather terse and cryptic.

When the X Toolkit Intrinsics encounter errors converting resource strings to the appropriate internal format, no error messages are usually printed. This is convenient when it is desirable to have one set of resources across a variety of displays (e.g. color vs. monochrome, lots of fonts vs. very few, etc.), although it can pose problems for trying to determine why an application might be failing. This behavior can be overridden by the setting the StringConversionsWarning resource.

To force the X Toolkit Intrinsics to always print string conversion error messages, the following resource should be placed in the file that gets loaded onto the RESOURCE_MANAGER property using the xrdb program (frequently called .Xresources or .Xres in the user's home directory):

*StringConversionWarnings: on
To have conversion messages printed for just a particular application, the appropriate instance name can be placed before the asterisk:
xterm*StringConversionWarnings: on


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