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TNM System Logger
Tnm::syslog level message

Write messages to the system logger.

The Tnm::syslog command allows a Tcl script to write a message to the system logger. 

Further processing of the message depends on the priority level of the message and the configuration of the system message logging facility. 

Allowed priority levels are:

emergency A panic condition. This is normally broadcast to all users.
alert A condition that should be corrected immediately, such as a corrupted system database.
critical Critical conditions, such as hard device errors.
error Error messages.
warning Warning messages.
notice Conditions that are not error conditions, but that may require special handling.
info Informational messages.
debug Messages that contain information normally of use only when debugging a program.

Not all system message logging facilities support all priority levels. The Tnm extension will automatically convert these priorities into levels understood by the local system message logging facility if needed.



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