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Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host info [array]
Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host list [array]
Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host queue printer [array]
Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host status printer array

The Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs command allows you to retrieve printer status information provided by the pcnfsd daemon. 

Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host info [array]

Retrieves the daemon identification. The optional array variable will be filled with details about the supported procedures. 
Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host list [array]
Returns the list of all printer names known by the pcnsfd daemon on host. The optional array is indexed by printer name and contains additional information about each printer. 
Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host queue printer [array]
The queue subcommand retrieves the printer queue and returns the actual queue length. Information about queued print jobs is written to the array variable if given. 

The array is indexed by the queue position and contains information about the print job in key value pairs. 

Tnm::sunrpc pcnfs host status printer array
The last pcnfs command retrieves printer specific status information about the printer itself. The status is written into the array variable.




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