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Tnm::mib load file

The Tnm::mib load command loads the MIB definitions contained in file. The built-in parser reads the file and creates internal data structures in main memory. Parsing errors are written to stderr. 

Not all MIB information is actually kept in memory due to the size of some MIB definitions. Instead, some pointers into the file are maintained in main memory. Some commands described here will not work as expected if the file is removed after the MIB definitions have been loaded.

The Tnm::mib load command first tries to locate the file in the current directory. The Tnm::mib load command automatically tries to locate the file in the $tnm(library)/site and the $tnm(library)/mibs directory if the file does not exist in the current directory. 

A condensed format of the MIB definition is saved in the platform specific directory $tnm(library)/$tnm(arch) to speed up future load commands. Note, this requires write permissions for the platform specific subdirectory. Missing write permissions will be silently ignored, which might result is increased MIB loading times.

The Tnm extension uses two global Tcl variables to control which set of MIB files is loaded automatically. The Tcl variable $tnm(mibs:core) contains the names of the MIB files that make up the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 core definitions. The $tnm(mibs) contains the list of MIB file names that are useful on your site. 

The default value of $tnm(mibs) is the set of all IETF MIBs published as RFCs. You can customize this set of MIBs in the $tnm(library)/site/init.tcl script. It is possible to bypass the auto-loading mechanism of the MIBs listed in $tnm(mibs) if the first Tnm::mib command is a Tnm::mib load command. 

Note that the snmp command also invokes Tnm::mib commands internally. It is therefore a good idea to load MIB definitions at the beginning of a script. 

Note, the core MIBs defined in $tnm(mibs:core) are always loaded if this variable exists.




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