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TNM::Map Attributes

Every map and every item can have arbitrary user-defined attributes. These attributes can be used for different purposes:

  • Attributes can be used to attach useful administrative information to network maps or items, like contact information or registration numbers.
  • Attributes can contain parameters that are needed in order to talk to an item, like for example parameters for SNMP sessions.
  • Attributes can specify parameters that control monitoring or testing functions. A classic example is an attribute, which allows defining the interface speed in case the interface speed reported by an SNMP agent does not match reality.
  • Attributes can store temporary information that is needed by monitoring or testing functions in order to complete their job.
An attribute naming convention is used to make sure that attributes can be used for all these purposes without the risk to run into name clashes. 

Attributes are grouped into persistent and non-persistent attributes. (Persistent attributes are saved with a network map while non-persistent attributes are ignored.)

Attribute names may only consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and the symbol ‘:’. Persistent attribute names use the following naming scheme:

A persistent attribute name usually starts with a scope name, which is a capitalized string. An attribute name, which must be capitalized, is said to be global if the scope name is missing. (This means that the name starts with a colon.) 

Multiple qualifiers can follow the name, where each qualifier is separated by a colon. Examples of persistent attribute names are:

Non-persistent attributes have no restriction, except that they are not allowed to start with a capital letter or a colon. It is however recommended that you qualify non-persistent names with a common prefix in order to avoid name clashes.


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