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Tnm::Job Options

Every job has associated configuration options, which control when a job is activated and which Tcl command is bound to the job.

Option Description
-command command Defines the Tcl command that is evaluated whenever the job is activated.
-error command Defines the Tcl command that is evaluated whenever the job causes an error. An empty error command causes Tnm to abort the running job and to call the Tcl bgerror procedure in order to signal this exception. Setting this option to a non-empty string causes Tnm evaluate the string without aborting the running job.
-exit command Defines the Tcl command that is evaluated whenever the job ends its execution. This command allows to free resources that are associated with a job.
-iterations number Defines the total number of times that a job is activated. If this value reaches 0, the job will change its state to expired. Note, if the -iterations option is never used, it will also have the value 0 but nothing special happens to the job object.
-status state Provides access to the current job state. A job is always in one of the states waiting, suspended, running and expired. A job in the expired state will be removed from the system once the scheduler gets activated again. Suspended jobs are not activated by the job scheduler. A suspended job can be resumed by changing its state to running.
-tags tagList Used to tag jobs. Tags are a convenient way to group jobs together that perform a single task together. Tags are also convenient to relate jobs to network map objects and/or management functions.
-time time Returns the number of milliseconds until this job is activated the next time. This option is read-only.




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