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Tnm::ined create
ined create NODE 
ined create NETWORK [x1 y1 x2 y2 ...] 
ined create LINK id1 id2 [x1 y1 ...] 
ined create GROUP [ida idb ...]
ined create TEXT string
ined create IMAGE filename
ined create MENU name command1 [command2 ...]
ined create INTERPRETER name
ined create LOG
ined create REFERENCE
ined create STRIPCHART
ined create BARCHART
ined create GRAPH

The ined create command allows to create new tkined objects. The ined create NODE command creates a new node object and does not require any arguments. The node will appear with the built-in default icon and the default name. Its initial position is the upper left corner.

The ined create NETWORK command creates a new network object. Coordinates for the fixed points of the network object can be defined by providing the optional coordinates. Tkined will use the default coordinates 0 0 130 0 if you do not specify any coordinates.
The ined create LINK command creates a new link object. The mandatory parameters define the two objects that are connected by the new link object. Link objects find their position based on the position of the nodes connected by this link. It is possible to specify additional fixed points that will be respected by the link positioning algorithm.

The ined create GROUP command creates a new group object. Optional parameters define the ids of all objects that are becoming members of the new group object. The position of the group object will be deter-mined by the position of its members. The position is the upper left corner if there are no members.

The ined create TEXT command creates a new text object. Text objects are always created at the upper left corner and simply display the string given in the mandatory parameter. Note, the string may contain newline characters if they are written as \n.

The ined create IMAGE command creates background images that are read from the file name given in the mandatory argument. Images are positioned at the upper left corner. The file name must point to a valid X11 bitmap file.

The ined create MENU command creates a new menu object. The menu object appears in the menu bar. The first mandatory argument defines the name of the menu as shown in the menu bar. The command arguments will pop up when the menu is opened and correspond to Tcl procedures that are called when a menu entry is selected.

The ined create INTERPRETER command creates a new interpreter object which starts an additional application. The mandatory argument specifies which program or script is to be started.
The ined create LOG command creates a new log object which can be used to display texts. The new output window automatically pops up on the screen.

The ined create REFERENCE command creates a reference object that points to other tkined maps. The address attribute can point to local map files or remote map files by using FTP URLs.

The ined create STRIPCHART, ined create BARCHART and ined create GRAPH commands create stripchart, barchart or graph objects. They can use by applications to display status and monitoring information. They behave much like node objects but they are not allowed to have links.



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