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TNM IETF Network Management Standards

TnmIetf is a Tcl package containing information about IETF NM standards.

The TnmIetf package provides a database of IETF network management standards and command procedures to access the database. 

The information provided in this file can be used to generate cross-reference material. In particular, this package contains all the RFC documents and the working groups responsible for them.


The TnmIetf package is loaded into a Tcl interpreter by using the following sequence of Tcl commands:

package require Tnm
package require TnmIetf $tnm(version)
All the TnmIetf commands live in the TnmIetf namespace. You can import these commands into the current namespace by using the following Tcl command:
namespace import TnmIetf::*
It is however suggested to import commands explicitly or to use the full name in scripts to avoid name clashes.




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