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TNM ICMP Options

The following options control how ICMP requests are sent and how the Tnm::icmp command deals with lost ICMP packets.

-timeout time

The -timeout option defines the time the Tnm::icmp command will wait for a response. The time is defined in seconds with a default of 5 seconds.

-retries retries

The -retries option defines how many times a request is retransmitted during the timeout interval. The default number of retries is 2.

-delay time

The -delay option defines the minimum delay between two outgoing ICMP packets. The delay time is defined in milliseconds with a default delay of 0 milliseconds. Delays are useful to reduce the load on intermediate devices like gateways or bridges. The maximal delay value supported is 255.

-size number

The -size option allows you to control the size of ICMP packets. The number defines the size of ICMP packets in bytes with a default size of 64 bytes. Sizes smaller than 64 bytes are silently rounded to 64 bytes and sizes larger than 65535 bytes are silently rounded to 65535 bytes.

-window size

The -window option allows you to define a window that limits the number of active asynchronous ICMP requests. This can be used to prevent scripts from flooding a network with ICMP messages. The Tnm extension queues ICMP requests internally so that no more than size ICMP requests are on the wire. Setting the size to 0 turns the windowing mechanism off. The default window size is 10. The maximum window size is 65535.


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