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TCL Variables
Variables Description
argc Contains a count of the number of arg arguments (0 if none), not including the name of the script file.
argv Contains a Tcl list whose elements are the arg arguments, in order, or an empty string if there are no arg arguments.
argv0 Contains fileName if it was specified. Otherwise, contains the name by which tclsh was invoked.
tcl_interactive Contains 1 if tclsh is running interactively
tcl_prompt1 script If variable tcl_prompt1 exists then it must consist of a Tcl script to output a prompt; instead of outputting a prompt tclsh will evaluate the script in tcl_prompt1. 
tcl_prompt2 script
The variable tcl_prompt2 is used in a similar way when a newline is typed but the current command isnít yet complete; if tcl_prompt2 isnít set then no prompt is output for incomplete commands.



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