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11110001 F1 Undefined
11110010 * 0lllllll  Song Position Pointer Least-significant Byte
* 0hhhhhhh Song Position Pointer Most-significant Byte
11110011 F3 0sssssss Song Select, sssssss: Song #
11110100 F4 Undefined
11110101 F5 Undefined
11110110 F6 none Tune Request
11110111 F7 EOX End of System Exclusive
  1. Song Position Pointer: Is an internal register which holds the number of MIDI beats (1 beat = 6 MIDI clocks) since the start of the song. Normally it is set to 0 when the START switch is pressed, which starts sequence playback. It then increments with every sixth MIDI clock receipt, until STOP is pressed. If CONTINUE is pressed, it continues to increment. It can be arbitrarily preset (to a resolution of 1 beat) by the SONG POSITION POINTER message.
  2. Song Select: Specifies which song or sequence is to be played upon receipt of a Start (Real-Time) message.
  3. Tune Request: Used with analog synthesizers to request them to tune their oscillators.
  4. EOX: Used as a flag to indicate the end of a System Exclusive transmission (see Table VI).

  • Introduction & Conventions
  • Hardware
  • Message Types
  • Data Types
  • Channel Modes
  • Summary of Status Bytes
  • Channel Voice Messages
  • System Common Messages
  • System Real Time Messages
  • System Exclusive Messages
  • Controller




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