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Status` Data Description
1000nnnn 0kkkkkkk 0vvvvvvv Note Off (see notes 1-4),
vvvvvvv: note off velocity
1001nnnn 0kkkkkkk 0vvvvvvv Note On (see notes 1-4),
vvvvvvv - 0: velocity,
vvvvvvv = 0: note off
1010nnnn 0kkkkkkk 0vvvvvvv Polyphonic Key Pressure (After-Touch),
vvvvvvv: pressure value
1011nnnn 0ccccccc 0vvvvvvv Control Change,
ccccccc: control # (0-121) (see notes 5-8),
vvvvvvv: control value,
ccccccc = 122 thru 127: Reserved, (See Table III)
1100nnnn 0ppppppp Program Change,
ppppppp: program number (0-127)
1101nnnn 0vvvvvvv Channel Pressure (After-Touch)
vvvvvvv: pressure value
1110nnnn 0vvvvvvv
Pitch Bend Change LSB (see note 10)
Pitch Bend Change MSB


  1. nnnn: Voice Channel # (1-16, coded as defined in Table I notes)
  2. kkkkkkk: note # (0 - 127)

  3. kkkkkkk = 60: Middle C of keyboard
  4. vvvvvvv: key velocity

  5. A logarithmic scale would be advisable.
      0   1             32             64           127
    off  ppp   pp   p   mp   mf   f       ff        fff
    vvvvvvv = 64: in case of no velocity sensors
    vvvvvvv = 0: Note Off, with velocity = 64
  6. Any Note On message sent should be balanced by sending a Note Off message for that note in that channel at some later time.
  7. ccccccc: control number
  8.  ccccccc                Description
       0            Continuous Controller 0 MSB
       1            Continuous Controller 1 MSB (MODULATION BENDER)
       2            Continuous Controller 2 MSB
       3            Continuous Controller 3 MSB
       4-31 Continuous Controllers 4-31 MSB
      32            Continuous Controller 0 LSB
      33            Continuous Controller 1 LSB (MODULATION BENDER)
      34            Continuous Controller 2 LSB
      35            Continuous Controller 3 LSB
      36-63 Continuous Controllers 4-31 LSB
      64-95 Switches (On/Off)
      96-121        Undefined
     122-127        Reserved for Channel Mode messages (see Table III).
  9. All controllers are specifically defined by agreement of the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Japan MIDI Standards Committee (JMSC). Manufacturers can request throught the MMA or JMSC that logical controllers be assigned to physical ones as necessary. The controller allocation table must be provided in the user's operation manual.
  10. Continuous controllers are divided into Most Significant and Least Significant Bytes. If only seven bits of resolution are needed for any particular controllers, only the MSB is sent. It is not necessary to send the LSB. If more resolution is needed, then both are sent, first the MSB, then the LSB. If only the LSB has changed in value, the LSB may be sent without re-sending the MSB.
  11. vvvvvvv: control value (MSB)
    • for controllers

    • 0: min
      127: max
    • for switches

    • 0: off
      127: on
      Numbers 1 through 126, inclusive, are ignored.
  12. Any messages (e.g. Note On), which are sent successively under the same status, can be sent without a Status byte until a different Status byte is needed.
  13. Sensitivity of the pitch bender is selected in the receiver. Center position value (no pitch change) is 2000H, which would be transmitted EnH-00H-40H.

  • Introduction & Conventions
  • Hardware
  • Message Types
  • Data Types
  • Channel Modes
  • Summary of Status Bytes
  • Channel Voice Messages
  • System Common Messages
  • System Real Time Messages
  • System Exclusive Messages
  • Controllers




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