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High Performance Parallel Interface

  • HIPPI is an acronym for High Performance Parallel Interface. It is a standard supported by many workstation and supercomputing vendors: Cray, IBM, HP, SGI, TMC, Convex, Intel, and others. 

  • HIPPI is a simple point-to-point unidirectional connection capable of speeds up to 800 Mbits/second on a single cable. HIPPI is normally (but not necessarily) deployed in pairs in order to achieve a full duplex connection. 

  • Multiple hosts may be interconnected to form a HIPPI network by the use of a HIPPI switch. Switches range in size from four to thirty-two duplex ports are non-blocking and are available from a number of vendors. 

  • HIPPI supports IP as well as IPI-3 and it's own raw protocols (HIPPI-PH, and HIPPI-FP). 

  • HIPPI cables are limited to 25 meters by physical limitations outlined in the specification, but there exist repeaters to connect cables together as well as extenders that work to extend HIPPI over fiber up to 20 kilometers. 

  • For more complete information on HIPPI networking and products please see the HIPPI Networking Forum Home Page




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