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Generic Regular Expression Parse Usage
/usr/bin/grep [ -bchilnsvw ] limited-regular-expression [ filename ... ]

/usr/xpg4/bin/grep [-E | -F ] [-c | -l | -q ] [ -bhinsvwx ] -e pattern_list ... [ -f pattern_file ... ] [ file ... ]

/usr/xpg4/bin/grep [-E | -F ] [-c | -l | -q ] [ -bhinsvwx ] [ -e pattern_list ... ] -f pattern_file ... [ file ... ]

/usr/xpg4/bin/grep [-E | -F ] [-c | -l | -q ] [ -bhinsvwx ] pattern [ file ... ]

The -e pattern_list option has the same effect as the pattern_list operand, but is useful when pattern_list begins with the hyphen delimiter. It is also useful when it is more convenient to provide multiple patterns as separate arguments.

Multiple -e and -f options are accepted and grep will use all of the patterns it is given while matching input text lines. (Note that the order of evaluation is not specified. If an implementation finds a null string as a pattern, it is allowed to use that pattern first, matching every line, and effectively ignore any other patterns.)

The -q option provides a means of easily determining whether or not a pattern (or string) exists in a group of files. When searching several files, it provides a performance improvement (because it can quit as soon as it finds the first match) and requires less care by the user in choosing the set of files to supply as arguments (because it will exit zero if it finds a match even if grep detected an access or read error on earlier file operands).




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