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trap [[flags] signals]

Flags Description
-code Uses the return code of the command in place of whatever code Tcl was about to return when the command originally started running.
-interp Causes the command to be evaluated using the interpreter active at the time the command started running rather than when the trap was declared.
-name Causes the trap command to return the signal name of the trap command currently being executed.
-max Causes the trap command to return the largest signal number that can be set.

Signals Description
SIGHUP hangup
SIGINT interrupt
SJGPIPE pipe write failure
SIGTERM software termination
SIGSTOP stop (really “suspend")
SIGTSTP keyboard stop
SIGCONT continue
SIGCHLD child termination
SIGWINCH window size change
SIGUSR1 user-defined
SIGUSR2 user-defined

This material is excerpted from the O'Reilly book "Exploring Expect" by Don Libes, and can also be found in the manpage on many UNIX platforms. 



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