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stty [args]

Arguments Description
< terminal  Terminal to modify 
-raw | cooked Cooked mode
raw | -cooked Raw mode 
echo Echo
-echo No echo
rows [#] Set or return rows 
columns [#]  Set or return columns 
local-stty -args Execute native stty command

Changes terminal modes similarly to the external stty command. 
By default, the controlling terminal is accessed. Other terminals can be accessed by appending “< /dev/tty...” to the command. (Note that the arguments should not be grouped into a single argument.) 

Requests for status return it as the result of the command. If no status is requested and the control-ling terminal is accessed, the previous status of the raw and echo attributes are returned in a form which can later be used by the command. 

For example, the arguments raw or -cooked put the terminal into raw mode. The arguments -raw or cooked put the terminal into cooked mode. The arguments echo and -echo put the terminal into echo and noecho mode respectively. 

The following example illustrates how to temporarily disable echoing. This could be used in otherwise-automatic scripts to avoid embedding passwords in them. 

stty -echo 
send_user “Password: “ 
expect_user -re “(.*)\n” 
set password $expect_out(1,string) 
stty echo

This material is excerpted from the O'Reilly book "Exploring Expect" by Don Libes, and can also be found in the manpage on many UNIX platforms. 



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