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expect [-dDinN] [-c cmds] [-[f|b]] cmdfile] [args]

Options Description
-c Prefaces a command to be executed before any in the script.
-d Enables some diagnostic output, which primarily reports internal activity of commands such as expect and interact.  See exp_internal.
-D Enables an interactive debugger. See debug.
-f Prefaces a file from which to read commands
-b By default, the command file is read into memory and executed in its entirety.  It is occasionally desirable to read files one line at a time.  For example, stdin is read this way.  In order to force arbitrary files to be handled this way, use the -b flag.
-i Causes Expect to interactively prompt for commands instead of reading them from a file.   See interpreter..
-n, -N The file $exp_library/expect.rc is sourced automatically if present, unless the -N flag is used.   Immediately after this, the file ~/.expect.rc is sourced automatically, unless the -n flag is used.  If the environment variable DOTDIR is defined, it is treated as a directory and .expect.rc is read from there.  This sourcing occurs only after executing any -c flags.
cmdfile File containing expect commands to be executed
args Arguments to pass to the command file as input
-v Causes Expect to print the version number and then exit.  See exp_version.


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