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expect [[-opts] pat1 body1] ...  [-opts] patn [bodyn]
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Flags Description
-gl May may be used to protect patterns that might otherwise match expect flags from doing so.
-re Introduce regulaar expression
-ex Causes the pattern to be matched as an “exact” string.  No interpretation of *, ^, etc is made (although the usual Tcl conventions must still be observed).  Exact patterns are always unanchored.
-nocase Causes uppercase characters of the output to compare as if they were lowercase characters.  The pattern is not affected.
-notransfer Normally, the matched output is discarded from Expect’s internal buffers.  This may be prevented by prefixing a pattern with the -notransfer flag.  This flag is especially useful in experimenting (and can be abbreviated to “-n” for convenience while experimenting).
-i spawn_id Identify the process by spawn id
-indices If the -indices flag is used before a pattern, the starting and ending indices (in a form suitable for lrange) of the 10 strings are stored in the variables expect_out(X,start) and expect_out(X,end) where X is a digit, corresponds to the substring position in the buffer.
-timeout Use the specified timeout value rather than the timeout global.
eof End of file keyword
full_buffer Full buffer keyword (default is 2000 bytes; see match_max ).
default timeout or eof.
null Match null character
pattern action pattern2 action2 ... Pattern-action pairs.



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