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exp_continue [-continue_timer]

The command exp_continue allows expect itself to continue executing rather than returning as it normally would. 

This is useful for avoiding explicit loops or repeated expect statements. 

The following example is part of a fragment to automate rlogin.  The exp_continue avoids having to write a second expect statement (to look for the prompt again) if the rlogin prompts for a password.

expect {
  Password: {
    stty -echo
    send_user “password (for $user):"
    expect_user -re “(.*)\n”
    send_user “\n”
    send “$expect_out(1,string)\r”
    stty echo
  } incorrect {
    send_user “invalid password\n”
  } timeout {
    send_user “connection timed out”
  } eof {
    send_user “connection failed:\
  } -re $prompt
For example, the following fragment might help a user guide an interaction that is already totally automated.  In this case, the terminal is put into raw mode.  If the user presses “+”, a variable is incremented.  If “p” is pressed, several returns are sent to the process, perhaps to poke it in some way, and “i” lets the user interact with the process, effec-tively stealing away control from the script.  In each case, the exp_continue allows the current expect to continue pattern matching after executing the current action.
stty raw -echo
expect_after {
    -i $user_spawn_id
    “p” {send “\r\r\r”; exp_continue}
    “+” {incr foo; exp_continue}
    “i” {interact; exp_continue}
    “quit” exit

By default, exp_continue resets the timeout timer.  The timer is not restarted, if exp_continue is called with the -continue_timer flag.

This material is excerpted from the O'Reilly book "Exploring Expect" by Don Libes and from the Solaris manpage



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