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exit [-opts] [status]
Arguments Description
-onexit causes the next argument to be used as an exit handler.  Without an argument, the current exit handler is returned.
-noexit causes Expect to prepare to exit but stop short of actually returning control to the operating system.  The user-defined exit handler is run as well as Expect’s own internal handlers.  No further Expect commands should be executed.
status pass this exit status to the parent process.
Default = 0.

Causes Expect to exit or otherwise prepare to do so.

Upon exiting, all connections to spawned processes are closed.  Closure will be detected as an EOF by spawned processes.  exit takes no other actions beyond what the normal _exit(2) procedure does.  Thus, spawned processes that do not check for EOF may continue to run.  (A variety of conditions are important to determining, for example, what signals a spawned process will be sent, but these are system-dependent, typically documented under exit(3).) Spawned processes that continue to run will be inherited by init.

status (or 0 if not specified) is returned as the exit status of Expect.

exit is implicitly executed if the end of the script is reached.



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