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Disconnects a forked process from the terminal.  It continues running in the background. 

The process is given its own process group (if possible).  Standard I/O is redirected to /dev/null. 

The following fragment uses disconnect to continue running the script in the background. 

if [fork]!=0 exit 
The following script reads a password, and then runs a program every hour that demands a password each time it is run.  The script supplies the password so that you only have to type it once.  (See the stty command which demonstrates how to turn off password echoing.) 
send_user “password?\ “ 
expect_user -re “(.*)\n” 
for {} 1 {} { 
if [fork]!=0 {sleep 3600;continue} 
spawn priv_prog 
expect Password: 
send “$expect_out(1,string)\r” 
 .  .  . 
An advantage to using disconnect over the shell asynchronous process feature (&) is that Expect can save the terminal parameters prior to disconnection, and then later apply them to new ptys.  With &, Expect does not have a chance to read the terminal’s parameters since the terminal is already disconnected by the time Expect receives control. 



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