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debug [[-now] 0|1]
Arguments Description
-now the debugger is started immediately (i.e., in the middle of the debug command itself).
0 | 1  Stop (0) or start (1) the debugger on the next command

Controls a Tcl debugger allowing you to step through statements, set breakpoints, etc. 

With no arguments, a 1 is returned if the debugger is not running, otherwise a 0 is returned. 

With a 1 argument, the debugger is started.  With a 0 argument, the debugger is stopped.  If a 1 argument is preceded by the -now flag, the debugger is started immediately (i.e., in the middle of the debug command itself).  Otherwise, the debugger is started with the next Tcl statement. 

The debug command does not change any traps. 

This material is excerpted from the O'Reilly book "Exploring Expect" by Don Libes, and can also be found in the manpage on many UNIX platforms. 


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