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Advanced Programming in Expect:
A Bulletproof Interface

Controlling The Behavior Of The Interface:

The sendGlobals array contains all of the parameters used by the interface, and is initialized with send_expect_init.  It may be modified at runtime to control how the interface works.  This section will cover the meanings of these parameters and how they may be modified.

The failure limit elements (Mode1FailMax, Mode2FailMax, and Mode3FailMax) determine how many failures are permitted for modes 1, 2 and 3 (respectively).  A value of zero disables this limitation, and any positive integer sets the maximum number of failures for that mode before it is no longer used by the interface.  There is no failure limit for the last mode.

The element useMode allows the system to determine which transmission mode should be used first, so that the less reliable modes (the first and second) can be bypassed.  Allowable values for this parameter are 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Invalid values will be replaced by the default mode (1).

If transmission errors are not considered fatal, the sendErrorSeverity element may be specified to a more tolerant value.  Note that this parameter is not used internally, so if the automated system does not access this value, it won't affect the interface.

The kill element defines the command line kill character, which is defaulted to the Gnu-standard control-U. 

The diagFile parameter names the temporary internal diagnostics file (generated from exp_internal).

The logDiags allows disabling of all diagnostics output for faster execution, but be forewarned that disabling this feature well make debugging much more difficult.

The interval and delay elements represent the two items in the send_slow list, which is used by the second and third modes. 

For experimentation purposes, it is recommended that these parameters be modified by the automated system at runtime, rather than directly editing the defaults in the initialization procedure.  Once valid settings are found the defaults may be changed to reflect them.


Setting Up The Interface
Using The send_expect Procedure
How It Works
Moving Window Snapshot Diagnostics
Controlling The Behavior Of The Interface


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