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Advanced Programming in Expect:
A Bulletproof Interface

How It Works:

The interface uses four different transmission modes, in order:

  • 1) send the entire string and hope for the best (fastest, but least reliable)
  • 2) send the entire string using the send_slow list
  • 3) send the string in blocks of eight characters
  • 4) send the string one character at a time (slowest, but most reliable)
  • If a mode fails, the command line is cleared by sending the standard control-U, the expect buffer is cleared, and the next mode is tried.  Each mode except the last one can also have a failure tolerance set, using:
    sendGlobals(ModeXFailMax),   where X is either 1,2 or 3. 
    If this max value is set to a positive number, once the failures for that mode exceeds this value, it is no longer used.  If it is set to 0, then each mode is tried for each transmission, regardless of the number of failures.  Each of the modes uses the send_only procedure as a wrapper for exp_send.  If this procedure returns an error, it most likely means that the connection was lost, and the spawn id is checked to see if the session is still active.  The error is returned to send_expect, which in turn returns an error to the calling procedure.

    For local processes and robust remote connections, mode 1 is usually sufficient.  If the remote system is a bit slow, mode 2 may be required.  Mode 3 has proven invaluable when connected to routers and clusters which provide rudimentary terminal control.  Mode 4 is rarely required, but acts as a backup to mode 3.


    Setting Up The Interface
    Using The send_expect Procedure
    How It Works
    Moving Window Snapshot Diagnostics
    Controlling The Behavior Of The Interface


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