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limit [-h] [resource [max-use ] ]
Resource Description
cputime Maximum CPU seconds per process.
filesize Largest single file allowed; limited to the size of the filesystem. (see df(1M)).
datasize (heapsize) Maximum data size (including stack) for the process. This is the size of your virtual memory See swap(1M).
stacksize Maximum stack size for the process. See
coredumpsize Maximum size of a core dump (file). This limited to the size of the filesystem.
descriptors Maximum number of file descriptors. Run sysdef().
memorysize Maximum size of virtual memory.
max-use A number, with an optional scaling factor, as follows:
nh nh Hours (for cputime).
nk n  kilobytes. This is the default for all  but cputime.
nm n  megabytes or minutes (for cputime).
mm:ss Minutes and seconds (for cputime).

Limit the consumption by the current process or any process it spawns, each not to exceed max-use on the specified  resource. 

If max-use is omitted, print the current limit; if resource is omitted, display all limits. (Run the sysdef(1M)  command to obtain the maximum possible limits for your system. The values reported are in hexadecimal, but can be translated into decimal numbers using the bc(1) command). 

-h Use hard limits instead of the current limits. Hard limits impose a ceiling on the values of the current limits. Only the privileged user may raise the hard limits.



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